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Computer Arts special issues

Computer Arts issue 231 Computer Arts issue 226 Computer Arts issue 227 Computer Arts issue 232 Computer Arts issue 229 Computer Arts issue 230 Computer Arts issue 223 Computer Arts issue 214 Computer Arts issue 213 Computer Arts issue 233 Computer Arts issue 228 Computer Arts issue 224

I’ve edited Computer Arts magazine since summer 2012, and worked on a major redesign of the title in spring 2013 – including its first fully-bespoke, interactive iPad edition, which won Visual Arts Magazine of the Year at the Digital Magazine Awards 2013, and nominated for Best iPad Magazine at the Tabby Awards 2014.

Before taking over as editor, I was a regular freelance contributor to the magazine from 2009–2012, and I’m also launch editor of its sister title Computer Arts Collection, having previously edited Computer Arts Projects.

Selected interviews
Malcolm Garrett: from Buzzcocks to interactive design
Ian Anderson: tDR’s outspoken founder talks ideology
Sagmeister & Walsh: the duo that would do anything for design
magneticNorth: addicted to challenge, with a thirst for innovation
Landor Associates: one of the undisputed giants of strategic branding

New tech in design (regular series, issues 192-203)
Interactive design with Arduino: making the most of DIY tech
Creative Kinect hacking: new adventures in motion capture
The light fantastic: get more from projection mapping
Creative processing: the beauty of generative art
Thinking in 3D: creative uses of 3D printing
A blank canvas: how to get the most from HTML5
Windows opens doors: designing for Windows Phone 7
Android ambitions: opportunities in app design for Android

Written by Nick Carson

February 10, 2011 at 10:38 pm

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